ERF2018 Guidelines for Session Leaders & Media Policy

1      Objective of ERF

European Robotics Forum is not yet another scientific conference.

European Robotics Forum ERF is the meeting point for robotics in Europe, bringing together scientists, companies and robotics officials from the European Commission. The programme is designed to provide an opportunity for researchers and the participants from companies, business, and politics, to meet and interact in workshops and seminars to expand their networks, gather the latest relevant information in European robotics, and build new business and collaborations thereby strengthening the potential of European robotics.

Please keep this in mind when promoting your session prior to ERF and organising and chairing your session.


2     Your role as a Session Leader

Your role as a "session leader" is to make sure….

2.1        before ERF – by 4 March 2018

  • that all speakers have registered and paid the registration fee. Note that online registration ends on 4 March: registration/

2.2       before 23 February 2018

  • that all speakers have confirmed their participation. This is the deadline for submitting the complete information on your session online, to be published on the event app.
  • that the time table allows lively discussions among all participants (speakers and audience), including subjects like applications, industry, needs for investments etc.
  • you have filled in prior to 23 February 2018 the information for the event app by using the online form which you have received by email

2.3       during and after your Session

  • that you are responsible for the complete run of the session, such as time checking, intervening with speakers if necessary, and moderating the discussion. You may ask another person as »rapporteur« for the short report (see below).
  • all slide presentations and posters shown are documented and available for a report (presenters have to agree on this). The report should indicate: number of participants, actual programme, and a few lines about any “results and messages” which we will submit to the Topic Groups working on the European Roadmap for Robotics.


3     Technical and Administrative Aspects

3.1        Technical equipment available:

  • Projectors for computer presentation
  • Notebook or PC with Windows operating system and Microsoft Office
  • Flipchart upon availability

3.2       Oral Presentations

Technical staff will make sure that your presentations will be downloaded on the PC computer in the session room. We suggest that your computer presentation be installed and tested at least two hours before your allocated slot.

Users of a Mac laptop need to bring their own adapter for the VGA connection in the session room.

3.3       Conference Identification Badge

A conference identification badge will be included in the conference material provided upon registration. There will be no admittance to the scientific sessions without the conference badge. Tickets to social events will be collected at the entrance.

3.4       Attendance Certificate

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to registered participants who request it during the registration process.


4    Media presence policy for speakers

The event organisers may invite reporters to the European Robotics Forum 2018 (13-15 March 2018). Invited speakers consent to have the media/reporters present when speaking at ERF2018. Speakers give permission to the following:

photography, recorded images, audio, presentation, and comments, for use in event programs, publications, websites, newsletters, etc. attributed to their name and/or photo.

The organisers may use these reproductions without further examination by the speakers. Speakers waive all personal claims, causes of action, liabilities, or damages against the ERF2018 organisers arising from or in connection with their performance or appearance.

If you are a speaker and do not consent to the ERF2018 media presence policy, or if you have further questions, please contact us at