About the Topic Groups

Topic Groups are the crucible where ideas become innovation. They bring together researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and creators to break new ground in robotics, bringing benefits for organisations, the European economy and wider society. Not least, participating in a Topic Group brings value and other collaborative benefits to those who take part.

There are Topic Groups for a wide variety of robotics sectors spanning industrial, professional, domestic, service, security, space, medical and healthcare, agricultural and more. You’ll find Topic Groups that cover the supply chain, from component suppliers and system integrators right through to service providers. Other Topic Groups bring together end-user communities who focus on existing and new markets for robotic systems.

And there’s more. Even if your own field of interest or activity isn’t currently covered, euRobotics has the process, know-how and expertise to launch new topic groups.

So what do the Topic groups do? They identify gaps and challenges specific to their topic, identify solution paths and milestones along the way. Much more than simply spaces for discussion, euRobotics Topic Groups have the power – and track-record – to mobilise members and non-members to achieve real innovations and then to turn theoretical advances into practical realities. At euRobotics, Topic Groups span the full spectrum of activity from basic research, technological development, to concrete innovation and knowledge transfer.

We hope this sounds exciting – because it is! Our Topic Groups are completely open to anyone with a topic-specific interest. Within our Topic Groups you’ll meet euRobotics members and non-members, active participants and observers. There’s no joining fee to take part in a Topic Group and our invitation is for you to be as involved as you want. We value the contribution of those who read, listen and comment just as much as those who participate more actively because Topic Groups are equally a place of reflection and evaluation as they are a forum for innovation. Over more than ten years euRobotics has become firmly established as the home of collaboration in European robotics. The Topic Groups are the best expression of that collaborative impulse. Join us and be part of the team!