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FundaciĆ³n Andaluza para el Desarollo Aeroespacial - Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (FADA-CATEC)

C/Wilbur y Orville Wright 17-19-21
41309 La Rinconada - Seville


  • Agricultural and Food Robotics
  • Civil Robots
  • Field/Service Robots in unstructured Environments
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Laboratory Robots
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Space Robotics
  • Aerial Robots
  • AI and Cognition in Robotics
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Benchmarking and Competitions
  • Education and Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mechatronics
  • Miniaturised Robots
  • Perception
  • Physical Human Robot Interaction
  • Safety
  • Software Engineering, System Integration, Systems Engineering
  • Standardisation


The Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA) is a non-profit organisation that takes care of the management of CATEC technological centre. CATEC's main goal is R&D on aerospace related technologies in coordination with industries, universities and other research centres. CATEC develops its activity based on the following strategic lines:

- Automation of production, assembly, inspection and testing.
- Advanced manufacturing Processes. Additive Manufacturing.
- Aerial robotics.
- Novel Inspection systems.
- Unmanned Aircrafts, its applications and associated technologies. Special attention to civil and dual use applications.
- New techniques of air traffic management, including U-space/UTM technologies.
- Composite materials, their production processes, life cycle and recycling.
- New onboard systems: electrical, hydraulic, compressed air, fuel, etc. directed to achieve the most efficient and ecological plane.
- Development of techniques, components, subsystems, systems and space applications.

For all these reasons, CATEC is a technological partner that bases its work on technical excellence and responsiveness to its customers and intends to become, in the coming years, one of the R&D centers of national and international reference for the development of aerospace technology.

On the other hand, FADA-CATEC manages ATLAS which is a test flight centre located in Villacarrillo, Jaen, Spain (http://atlascenter.aero/). It is specially designed for light and small aerial robots and UAS operations. It counts with 1.000 Km2 of segregated airspace until 5.000 ft. available jointly with a main runaway of 600 m and auxiliary one of 400 m which allows performing long-range flights even with the current Spanish UAS regulation. Telemetry and primary surveillance radar facilities are also available, along with a suited orography and climatology enabling more than 300 days per year for operations. Offices, meeting rooms, hangars, workshops are ready for customers, including full support to operations: management of flight permits for the coordination of flight operations, and interactions with Civil Aviation Authorities in Spain.