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PAL Robotics S.L.

C/ Pujades, 77-79
08005 Barcelona


  • Field/Service Robots in unstructured Environments
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Robot Companions for Assisted Living
  • Socially Intelligent Robotics and Societal Applications
  • AI and Cognition in Robotics
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Benchmarking and Competitions
  • Education and Training
  • Natural Interaction with Social Robots
  • Perception
  • Physical Human Robot Interaction
  • Software Engineering, System Integration, Systems Engineering


PAL Robotics’ mission is to create service robots that enhance people's quality of life. We started in 2004 when a small group of engineers built the first fully autonomous humanoid biped robot in Europe. With over 15 years of experience in R&D, today we are known for the humanoid robots TALOS, REEM-C and REEM, and innovative solutions for mobile manipulation applications (TIAGo), mobile robots for logistics automation (TIAGo Base) and stock-taking automation (StockBot).