Coordinators: Erol Sahin (and) Sinan Kalkan

Organisation: Middle East Technical University, KOVAN Research Lab. 

Email: erol@metu.edu.tr 

Coordinator: Zehra Sayin

Organisation: The Ministry of National Education of Turkey, Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies 

Email: zehrasayn@gmail.com

Facebook: m.facebook.com/zehrasayin

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/zehra-sayin

Experience: Computer Education and Instructor Design, PhD Student at Hacettepe University, Turkey. Computer Science (ICT) Teacher, Head Teacher Trainer on behalf of MoNE. Code Week Leader on behalf of Ministry of Education of Turkey Online Learning Designer. Online Event Manager and Coordinator. Computer Science and Coding Curriculum Development Team Member in Turkey. Previous work experience: eTwinning Turkey National Support Servis Member (2015-2018), FCL Ambassadors (2016-2018), iTEC Project Technical Coordinator (Completed in 2014).