ERW2019 National Coordinators meeting

To prepare the European Robotics Week 2019 (#ERW2019), ten National Coordinators met in Brussels on 7 June. The aim of the meeting was to foster networking between national coordinators and provide creative approaches for this year's activities. Let’s have a look at how the meeting went! Steve Doswell, workshop moderator, broke the ice to find out more about the members of the group and their personal interests.

Both veteran and new national coordinators joined this year’s workshop.

Several National Coordinators showcased the latest trends in STEM and robotics education in their own countries.

Andrei Dumitriu reported that Romania and Bosnia Herzegovina are planning to start cooperating during #ERW2019.

Download the presentation of Bosnia Herzegovina

Download the presentation of Romania

Anastasia Shvechkova from Russia participated for the first time at the meeting and introduced the Russian robotics market and trends.

Download the presentation of Russia

France, represented by Philippe Roussel, had an amazing come-back to the ERW activities, with news on clusters and inspiring ideas on what could be the near future of robotics education.

Download the presentation of France

Uwe Haass presented an unanimously appreciated humanistic history of robotics from Leonardo da Vinci to a an artistic recycling robot in Belgrade.

Download the presentation by Uwe Haass

Krzysztof Walas, winner of the euRobotics call for host, introduced the #ERW2019 Central event to take place in Poznan, Poland, on 14-16 November.

Download the presentation of the #ERW2019 Central event in Poznan

Lavinia Cinca from euRobotics called for national coordinators to express their interest in hosting the 10 years edition of the European Robotics Week in 2020 (#ERW2020).

Credits: Octavian Carare

The participants enjoyed plenty of group discussions around topics of their interest.

The report on the group discussions outcome will follow in the upcoming weeks. The meeting has been considered by all a success. euRobotics thanks the mdoerator and all participants for their contributions.

Pictures gallery (Credits: Octavian Carare)