Open House during the European Robotics Week #ERW2017, Karlsruhe, Germany

On 2017-11-22 our institute opened its doors to a robot-enthusiastic audience. A wide range of visitor – ranging from small children over students to pensioners – followed the live-demonstrations of robotics with curiosity and fascination, a lot of the demonstrations could even be experienced hands-on.

Activities included:

- In the medical lab Luzie Schreiter and Christian Marzi presented research from different projects;

- In the robot hall, demonstrations of various projects in the fields of industrial and service robotics where displayed;

- Professor Kröger gave a lecture on modern robotics in front of an interested audience;

- A team of the SWR was interviewing Professor Kröger. The video was broadcasted in the TV-show “Landesschau Baden-Württemberg” on 2017-11-22.

Open Day at Robotics Week in Karlsruhe (min 10:04 to 11:00)