Report: European Robotics Week (#ERW2019) in Tweets

Brussels, 25 November 2019 – The European Robotics Week (ERW) is breaking all records with over 1,300 interactive robotics related events in 41 countries, showing how robots will impact the way we work, live, and learn. The #ERW2019 hashtag has reached over 5,5 million impressions on social media for the past 10 days. Let’s have a look at some snapshots from #ERW2019 in various countries where it has been celebrated! Italy and Spain have been leading ERW2019, with +300 events each, organised all over the 2 countries:

HispaRob organised an event about how robots can reduce the social inequality.

UKRobotics organized visits to the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems.

In 2019, France is back to the European Robotics Week, with the farthest event on the map.

In Croatia, FuturaDubrovnik organized a workshop for young students where they taught robotics and coding.

In Finland, the RoboApu project organized an exhibition showcasing a variety of social robots.

In Germany, The Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics of the KIT opened their doors to the public.

At the #ERW2019 Central event in Poznan, Poland, the exhibition offered interactive ways for participants to engage with robots.

Code Week supported the European Robotics Week 2019.

#ERW2019 travelled beyond Europe: In Turkey, #ERW2019 was focused on promoting robotics among students.

In Egypt, children attended a workshop encouraging them to become an innovative engineering generation.

euRobotics would like to thank all national coordinators, event organisers and supporters for such a great #ERW2019. Until #ERW2020 relax and enjoy this flight with a drone!