Videos of the European Robotics Week 2016 Central Event in Amsterdam

The European Robotics Week (ERW) celebrates Europe as a leader in Robotics technology development by offering the general public one week of hundreds of interactive events. With the organisation of over 830 robotics events in 30 countries, ERW2016 has once again broken all records.

The Opening – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Every year, the central event of the ERW hosts an eco-system of various engaging activities in the chosen location. Titled “Robots at your service” the official opening on the 18th November was located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It featured a number of dignitaries from Europe and the Netherlands, presenting keynotes.

#ERW2016 Promo video

#ERW2016 Opening Ceremony

#ERW2016 Interviews

#ERW2016 Roboehics Panel

#ERW2016 Our Robotics Future Panel

#ERW2016 Robotics for Elderly Care Panel

#ERW2016 Women in Tech Panel

#ERW2016 Hackathon Opening

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