CLAIRE- euRobotics Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony

Europe’s strengths in AI and robotics have created a fabulous synergy potential. How should Europe make use of it? In this session, Europe’s largest associations in robotics and Artificial Intelligence, euRobotics and CLAIRE respectively, will reflect on this question and point towards the road ahead.

CLAIRE and euRobotics will work together to establish joint activities and develop a comprehensive understanding of the overlap of each other's areas of research and application, through the creation of better mutual recognition and appreciation of the interaction between AI and Robotics, by fostering collaboration within the communities, maximising knowledge transfer and minimising the duplication of efforts.

First joint activities are already planned and include:

  • establishing bi-directional information channels, for cross-collection, promotion and dissemination of information regarding relevant activities
  • joint events and workshops that promote and explore activities, advances and challenges at the intersection of AI and Robotics, including Theme Development Workshops and community building and networking events to foster greater connection between the people and organisations in each community
  • strategic communication channels between the Partners, in order to develop joint strategy and approaches on subjects of common interest

Further collaboration will likely include joint working papers, workshops, seminars, and the exchange of expert advice. They may contribute to this by providing expertise, resources, competencies and best practices.

The event takes place on the 18 March, 13:00-14:00h Brussels time, online
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