Eurobarometer survey on autonomous systems published by the EC

The European Commission has launched a new Eurobarometer survey on Autonomous Systems (June 2015). The survey shows that a growing number of Europeans work or share their home with robots (one in seven, up from one in eight in 2012). Generally, those who have more experience with robots (at home, at work or elsewhere) are more positive towards their use.

Key findings:

  • 8 in 10 Europeans (82%) who use robots think well of them, while 9 in 10 among them would purchase one.
  • 74% of young Europeans have a positive view of robots and 72% of all Europeans (77% of young people) believe robots are good for society because they help people.
  • A fifth of respondents (20%) say that they would consider having a robot at home. 1 in 10 could get one within the next five years.

Press release:

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