UKRAINE: A Statement from euRobotics

It is hard to comprehend that war is taking place in Europe in 2022. We are horrified at the bloodshed, trauma, death and destruction resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. No-one should have to live in fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. No-one should have to endure the loss, the privations and the terror that this war has brought to the people in Ukraine. At euRobotics, we speak for our members and staff and the wider robotics community in expressing our sympathy for the victims, for the dead, the bereaved, for those whose homes and lives have been shattered, for those who have been forced to flee from the fighting and bombardment, for those who have had to take shelter and refuge far from their homes, and for everyone who now faces an uncertain future as a consequence of this terrible conflict. As an association, we join our voice with others who call for an end to the violence and suffering and we express our hope that everyone who has been subject to this appalling upheaval will be able to return and rebuild their lives.