Gallery of European Robotics Week 2015

The European Robotics Week 2015 (ERW2015) has again broken all records and counted around 750 events in 31 countries. The pan-European events celebrate Europe as a leader in Robotics technology development, and have allowed citizens to explore the impact on the way we work, live, and learn both now and in the future. 

This year, the heart of the European Robotics Week was a series of events in Bristol UK organised by euRobotics AISBL and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The festivities began with an eye-opening debate on “Robots and Society” in the UK city of Bristol on Tuesday, with experts versed in strategy, business, academia, law and policy discussing robotics and economy and robotics and ethics in two panel debates. Bridging the gap between cutting-edge research in academia and the vibrant robotics start-up ecosystem was the subject of the “Robots: From Imagination to Market” event on the second day in Bristol with leading UK and EU innovators, researchers, start-ups and strategists. There was more: the day finished with a robot build-a-thon, where kids aged 5-14 years helped researchers build 100 robots to ‘treat’ artificial cancer cells.

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