Time gates: measuring speed with micro:bit
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Estimated duration: 5 x 45 minutes
Age level: Primary school students
Learning objectives, skills and competencies
Students will develop hard skills such as coding and conductivity, while familiarising themselves with physics and electronics. They will also develop a critical approach while solving problems, and work constructively in teams.
Activities and roles
In this project, students will develop a speed gate system, where a small toy car will be set loose on a ramp, achieve speed through gravitational force and go through two contacts that are connected to a micro:bit. This will measure the time spent and calculate the speed of the car. Students are expected to design and build the ramp, develop the contact-based time gates and code the routines that allow speed to be measured. The teacher monitors the activity and assists whenever possible.

Target audience
Primary school students
High school
Denitsa Tsvetanova
High school
Asparuh 5
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