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Osnovci zainteresovani za robotiku mogu naučiti sve što ih zanima iz elektronike, robotike, mehanike i 3D modelovanja, a četvrtog dana sve to praktično isprobati sastavljajući robota za vodu.

Target audience
od 11 do 17 godina
Serbian electronic&robotic association
Tenis club pool Senjak
Simiceva 5a
11000 Belgrade
ABB ROBO CHALLENGE - Touch the future
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This year Competition is organized online.
ABB ROBO CHALLENGE - Touch the future is a competition that takes place in the 11th seminar BRAND
NEW ENGINEERS - From Integral to Engineers, organized by EESTEC LC BELGRADE, in cooperation with the School of Electrical Engineering University in Belgrade and supported by ABB in Serbia.
The challenge will be held in two rounds. The first round, 24 hackathon, which will last from 30.11.2020. to 01.12.2020., involves computer work on the templates in the simulation environment ABB RobotStudio. On the second round, which is going to happen seven days later, two or three teams whose upgraded solutions give the best results will have the opportunity to implement their solution on the real ABB industrial robot.

Target audience
Students of the School of Electrical Engineering and other technical faculties.
Rastko Karajovic
School of Electrical Engineering Univeresity of Belgrade
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73
11000 Belgrade
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