ERL Consumer Local Tournament, Lisbon 2016
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This is the third Tournament of the all-year European Robotics League - Service Robots challenge, and also its second Local Tournament in Lisbon (next one will take place in Peccioli, Italy, in February 2017). Three teams, University of Koblenz (Germany), University of Birmingham (UK) and University of Extremadura + University of Castilla-La Mancha + University of Malaga (Spain), will develop joint work and compete for the ERL Service Robots Year Awards in several tasks involving domestic robot systems deployed in a real apartment, while interacting with humans living in the apartment.

Local organiser: Institute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, University of Lisbon.

Target audience
All age ranges, young and adult audience. The venue has a small capacity, so the number of places available is limited.

Please note that minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
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