ERL Consumer Major Tournament at RO-MAN 2017, Lisbon
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We are pleased to announce the second Major Tournament on the ERL Service Robots (ERL-SR) challenge, to be held between 28-31 August 2017 at the Institute for Systems and Robotics of IST, University of Lisbon, Portugal, simultaneously with the IEEE RO-MAN 2017 Conference. The ERL-SR RO-MAN 2017 Tournament will be hosted at the ISRoboNet testbed (

The ERL is composed of multiple "Local tournaments", held in different research labs across Europe, with certified test beds, and a few competitions as part of "Major tournaments" such as RoboCup. Teams participate in a minimum of two tournaments (Local and/or Major) per year and get scores based on their performances. Scores of the best two participations in tournaments for each team are added and teams are ranked based on their cumulative score. Prizes for the top teams are awarded during the next year’s European Robotics Forum (ERF).

A maximum of 5 teams will be allow to enter this local tournament.

For more information on this Major tournament, please visit

Local Organiser:
Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lisboa)
Instituto Superior Técnico, U, Lisboa

Target audience
Undergraduate students, Master and PhD students, postdocs, researchers from universities/organisations and engineers from industry companies around the world.

The event is open for the general public during the competition days.
Please, contact the local organisers for information.
RO-MAN / European Robotics League (ERL)
ISR – Instituto Superior Técnico, Torre Norte – 8º Piso
Av.Rovisco Pais
1 1049-001 Lisbon